2016-2017 Jessie London Writer-in-Residence position

The Literature Section of the Toronto Heliconian Club seeks to appoint a writer for the 2016-2017 Jessie London Writer-in-Residence position. Eligible candidate are female authors of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and drama as well as professional editors and journalists.

The non-paying position provides an opportunity for a beginning or mid-career writer to connect with established writers and to interact with members in the Music, Drama, Dance, Art and Humanities sections. The successful applicant will have Heliconian Club membership for the year and should she wish to join the following year, the initiation fee would be waived,

Please include with your application package, a letter of application, a resume, a completed list of published works and examples of writing. Short excerpts of longer works should not exceed 2000 words. Your application packages should be sent to The Literature Section, Toronto Heliconian Club, 35 Hazelton Avenue, Toronto, M5R 2E3 or by email to info@heliconianclub.org. The deadline for applications is April 15, 2016.

Please note: An applicant should explain why she is interested in the position, of what benefit the post would be to her and how she, in turn, could benefit the Heliconian Club. A writer-in-residence is expected to attend several events over the year, and to present her work to an audience at one or more readings and/or workshops. Details of the residency will be discussed on an individual basis upon acceptance.