The Toronto Heliconian Club is committed to supporting the arts, women and the local community. To this end, the Club considers applications for reduced rental fees from individuals and organizations holding events for the benefit of the arts and other social purposes. Support is usually granted in the form of a percentage discount of the rental rate, or through exemption from rental fees excluding a nominal staffing fee.  Due to limited resources, the Club is only able to support a small selection of rental events every year.


Individuals and Organizations are eligible to apply. This includes Toronto Heliconian Club members and members of the public-at-large. Applicants are only able to receive a reduced rental rate once every three years, so if the applicant was previously granted a subsidized rental that occurred within three years of the requested date, the application will be ineligible and will not be considered. After support has been granted, the individual or organization will be required to sign an event license agreement before the rental period, accepting the rules of the use of the space.

Click here for link to the application process.