Tuesday, June 13, 6 pm: Get to know our Artists-in-Residence!

We are pleased to present, for the first time together, our three Artists-in-Residence at the Heliconian Club this past season, representing Visual Art, Literature and Dance.  They are collaborating on an inspiring event being presented on Tuesday, June 13 at 6 pm at the Club.

Anja Karisik will show a short video of Haida Gwaii, British Columbia and describe this area’s influence on her work on display in her solo art show, “A Lasting Presence”, which runs throughout June.

Marcia Walker will read a segment from her novel in progress,  speak about her experience in Banff, and discuss the purpose and experience of residency, as well as how projects transform over time.

Anja Karisik and Marcia Walker

Dancer and choreographer Ashley Ann Burton will give a solo performance followed by a Q&A, and conduct a participation seated event drawn from her immersion in the work of American modern dance pioneer, Isadora Duncan.

Ode to Isadora

Light refreshments will be served at the start of the evening. Donations appreciated.

Please come to celebrate our talented Artists-in-Residence!

Anja Karisik
Marcia Walker
Ode to Isadora, choreographer: Ashley Ann Burton, performed by York Dance Ensemble, photo by Craig Chambers

Saturday, May 6, 1 – 4 pm: “Luminous” Photo Art Show Reception

Photography Comes Alive with Music, Poetry, Dance

Ekphrasis – responses of other arts (dance, poetry, music) to visual art (photography).

Join us on Saturday, May 6 for the opening reception of “Luminous”, a photo art show.

Seven photographic artists join together with professionals in the fields of dance, poetry and music to present an afternoon of visual art with Ekphrasis performances in response to the photographs.

Photographic artists are Linda Briskin, Sheila Craig, Simone Creed, Kye Marshall, Mary Perdue, Jana Skarecky, and Patricia Stamp.

Performers responding to the visual works are dancers Meiko Ando, Ashley Burton, and Aviva Fleising, musicians Kye Marshall and Jana Skarecky, and writers Josie DiSciascio-Andrews, Bianca Lakoseljac, and Carla Wilson. There will be two different performances beginning at 2 pm and 2:50 pm on Saturday, May 6.

Admission is free and all are welcome.

The photographs will be exhibited from May 4 – 31. To view by appointment or for more information, contact the General Manager at 416-922-3618.


Saturday, May 7, 1 – 4 pm: “Elemental Light” photography reception

Shenfeld Salta 1A reminder to mark your calendars for Saturday, May 7 from 1 – 4 pm for the opening reception for ELEMENTAL LIGHT, a photography exhibit featuring eight Heliconian artists, and poetry, dance, and music. The reception takes place at Heliconian Hall, 35 Hazelton Avenue in the heart of Yorkville.

Poets, dancers and musicians respond to the spirit of selected photographs, enhancing the artistic impact of the images, a delightful form of synergy called ‘ekphrasis’. Performances take place at 2 pm and 2:40 pm on May 7.


Blue-gray clouds bear down upon the mountains
causing them to tremble and slip, cascading into
rolling hills, sliding down to the shore where
a ribbon of water separates the land.

On this side a riot of color blooms
from within the earth, innards
spewn in orange yellow blue-
green forms of dimpled light.

The river shimmers with
dreams of transformation
yearning to be solid,
facetted, fixed

But nothing here is fixed, all is fluid,
even this solid earth of changing colors
and shapes dancing with light, wind,
kaleidoscopic cloud formations.

Poem: “Salta, Argentina” by Amanda Hale, in response to
Image: “Salta 1″ by Joanne Shenfeld

May 28 & 29: Doors Open at Heliconian Hall

Saturday, May 28 and Sunday, May 29 from 10 am to 5 pm
Heliconian Hall, 35 Hazelton Avenue in the heart of Yorkville

The Heliconian Club will be participating in this year’s Doors Open event. Last year, we were delighted that close to 600 visitors dropped by on the Saturday. Admission is free and all are welcome.

Visit the Doors Open website at http://bit.ly/1rxaV6q to find out more about historic Heliconian Hall.

ELEMENTAL LIGHT, a photography exhibit featuring eight women photographers will be on display. On the hour, starting at 11 am, musicians, poets, artists, dancers and writers will offer short performances and presentations, some of which will engage directly with the photographs on the walls. Last performance is at 4 pm.

Please encourage your friends and contacts to drop by.

About Doors Open Toronto:

Since its inception in 2000, Doors Open Toronto has attracted more than two million visits in nearly 700 unique locations across the city. It is Canada’s largest Doors Open event and one of the three largest Doors Open events in the world.

The 17th annual Doors Open Toronto is scheduled for May 28-29, 2016 and will offer residents and visitors an opportunity to take a peek behind the doors of more than 100 architecturally, historically, culturally and socially significant buildings across the city.


Elemental Light Photography Show


Application for 2015-2016 Dancer-in-Residence


photo credit: Aria Evans

The Dance Section of the Heliconian Club is once again seeking a Dance Artist in Residence for the upcoming season, from September 2015 to August 2016.  The Dancer-in-Residence will have regular access to rehearsal space, subject to availability,  in the Club’s large, unobstructed and well-lit heritage building in the heart of Yorkville in downtown Toronto.  For more extensive use of the space, there is a nominal hourly fee.

Sarah Hopkin_photo by Aria Evans

Sarah Hopkin photo by Aria Evans

We seek an emerging female dancer/choreographer;  applicants will submit two video pieces (through YouTube) of original choreography, with an artistic statement describing their work (one page maximum).  Candidates will prepare a brief biography and a letter of intent concerning the creation of new work during the coming year (one page maximum), and submit a letter of recommendation which includes contact details of the referee.

photo of Sarah Hopkin_Sarah Jones_Candice Irwin_photo by Aria Evans

photo credit: Aria Evans

Heliconian Club members look forward to observing a dance rehearsal-in-progress midway through the year as well as an informal production in June.  Collaboration with Club members from other sections is encouraged and opportunities will arise with access to Club concerts, workshops and events, as full membership privileges are included for the season.  If the candidate chooses to become a member in the following year, the one-time initiation fee will be waived.

Deadline for email applications is Tuesday 21 July 2015 to the Heliconian Club office:  info@heliconianclub.org, with an August announcement of the newly appointed Dance Artist in Residence.

Centennial Portraits Exhibition & Book Launch: Nov 16

Centennial Portraits
Exhibition & Book Launch
Friday, November 16, 2012
6:00pm to 8.30pm

Leaders and members from our community and throughout the city will be attending an art reception of Mary Perdue’s portraits, and a public book launch event for “Centennial Portraits”. Heliconians will also be there to represent our club that evening.

The evening will feature showcase performances. Keiko Kitano will dance with Alison Melville flute and recorder; Ann Elizabeth Carson will read her poetry accompanied by Margaret Lam on Piano; Laura Newland will share a story with her puppets and Barbara Fris will sing with Jane Blackstone accompanying. Pianist Dorothy Deval and Violinist/Violist Emma Vachon-Twney will also be playing music throughout the evening.

Please RSVP by November 9, 2012 by calling 416 922-3618 or email us at rsvp@heliconianclub.org.

Renegade Bodies: Book launch and reception on April 24

Miriam Adams, Co-Founder and Director of Dance Collection Danse

The Heliconian Club in partnership with Dance Collection Danse (DCD) will be hosting a reception (5 to 7:30 p.m.) on Tuesday April 24, 2012 to celebrate DCD’s new book Renegade Bodies: Canadian Dance in the 1970s, edited by Allana C. Lindgren and Kaija Pepper. Four writers from among the book’s contributors will speak about their experiences in researching and mounting this publication. These are: Allana Lindgren, Johanna Householder, Susan Crean, and the Club’s own Selma Odom. Amy Bowring, DCD’s director of research, will speak about Canadian dance in the 70s. A special short video on this topic will also be shown. A reception will follow.

“History will record it as The Great Canadian Dance Explosion of the 1970s, the decade when a performing art form finally came to outsell a professional sport.” Max Wyman, Dance in Canada Magazine, 1979.

The planning committee consists of Mary Jane Warner and Kathleen Fraser for the Club and members of DCD. Discussions have been underway since early September. This event is open to Club members and guests, and DCD members and guests. Club members are urged to RSVP early for this sure-to-be fully booked evening.

Come out and Dance!

We have had our first two dance sessions and are having a wonderful time. We are exercising and learning dance moves. We meet Thursdays 10 to 11 am, from Jan. 12 to April 12 taught by a dance student, Savannah Hoag, from York University. This series is free of charge as part of a special project sponsored by the Ministry of Health. If this pilot project is successful we could continue employing a dance instructor by paying a modest fee. Please check the events calendar for dates and RSVP if you plan to attend!