Centennial Portraits Exhibition & Book Launch: Nov 16

Centennial Portraits
Exhibition & Book Launch
Friday, November 16, 2012
6:00pm to 8.30pm

Leaders and members from our community and throughout the city will be attending an art reception of Mary Perdue’s portraits, and a public book launch event for “Centennial Portraits”. Heliconians will also be there to represent our club that evening.

The evening will feature showcase performances. Keiko Kitano will dance with Alison Melville flute and recorder; Ann Elizabeth Carson will read her poetry accompanied by Margaret Lam on Piano; Laura Newland will share a story with her puppets and Barbara Fris will sing with Jane Blackstone accompanying. Pianist Dorothy Deval and Violinist/Violist Emma Vachon-Twney will also be playing music throughout the evening.

Please RSVP by November 9, 2012 by calling 416 922-3618 or email us at rsvp@heliconianclub.org.