Christmas Luncheon in Review

(submitted by Dinah Arthur)

NOTE: Charlotte’s Little Draw organized by the Humanities section brought in over $3000.00. Good work Charlotte!

It’s fast becoming the best party of the year and 2011′s Christmas Luncheon raised the bar even higher, thanks to the extraordinary efforts of co-conveners Jennifer Carroll and Sue Ince. Some 80 members and guests attended the luncheon on Dec. 1, dining on a superb meal prepared by the four chefs: Yvonne Ormston, who created the winter potage and savoury bread pudding; Sue, who was in charge of the chicken ambrogino, served with dried fruits and Jan Garvey’s roasted root vegetables; and Jennifer, who made the mince pies and crème fraîche.

The theme was medieval and the chefs wore robes and headdresses made by Sue (Jennifer’s robe decorated with sparkling ornaments left her by her grandmother). Barbara Fris, who was in charge of the program, wore a flowing costume of her own design (and held on to her headdress when she hit the high notes of “To the Queen of Heaven”).

This year, for the first time in our memory, tables were arranged against the walls of the Hall, allowing four wonderful young members of the Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre to use the centre as a stage. Jan Garvey (a member of Humanities and our flourishing new Dance Section) arranged the performance, which was an excerpt from CCDT’s presentation of “Nowell Sing We”, danced to recorded medieval carols. Their dancing was magnificent and over far too soon. Artistic Director was Deborah Lundmark and Associate Director, Jordana Deveau.

Barbara was also our mistress of ceremonies, coaxing us through a medieval quiz, and introducing the players. Roberta Clough started off the afternoon with festive cocktail music, followed by pianist Lenore Beatty, flutist Jaye Marsh Graham, who brought her darling little boy Julien (Charlotte Graham’s grandson); Jane Blackstone played for Barbara, and Janet Catherine Dea sang, a capella, “Good People All, This Christmas Time”. During the afternoon, Charlotte’s “little draw” was held and won by a guest, who will enjoy, with friends, a special meal of several courses, served in our boardroom on a day of her choosing. The walls were brightened by small works from the Art Section, and downstairs, cards of different kinds were for sale. The beautiful programs, and the angels decorating the tables, were designed by Jennifer. A number of members pitched in to help, including Vera Worling, Kate Hawkins, Roberta Forrest, Mary MacMillan, Maureen Komlos, Kathleen Fraser and Dinah Arthur.