February 5, 2013: Nonnie Griffin in Sister Annunciata’s Secret

Sister Annunciata’s Secret was written and will be performed by newly admitted Heliconian Nonnie Griffin. In August she took it to the Edinburgh Festival, and she will be performing it again for one night only at the Heliconian Hall under Heliconian Peggy Mahon’s direction.

A nun’s vow of chastity is a sacred one and never taken lightly. Sister Annunciata’s Secret is based on a true story, which took place in 1937 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Without intending to transgress her vow, Sister Annunciata falls in love with a pupil. Her near self-destruction leads her to a changed life and hard-won redemption.

Nonnie Griffin’s one-woman play is based on truth and offers a rare insight into the workings of the human heart. “Since no one in the Church seems to want to admit what they have done to innocent children,” she writes, “this nun, in her agony, found she had to deal with herself and her wrongdoing.”

This performance is in aid of the KAMI Foundation for Haiti. KAMI has developed stoves that are manufactured in Haiti and burn alternate fuels to prevent tree cutting. They plant trees that produce seeds from which oil is pressed and used in the stoves. Tickets are $20.00 at the Door.

To reserve tickets email may.maskow@sympatico.ca or call (416) 699 2856.