Brenda Bisiker

Brenda Bisiker has been a member of the Club for about 15 years. She has served as Chair of the Art Section and as Art Representative and Vice-President of the Club. She has produced art shows every two years since joining and has very much
enjoyed the creative process involved in learning novel techniques for each successive show.

The comradeship of fellow creators and the vision of a downtown centre for women in the arts have inspired her greatly, so much so that she took on the job of planning the events to mark the Club’s Centennial in 2009. Three years were required to organize the year-long celebration honouring the Club’s illustrious and important 100-year history.

In her art life she loves to paint children, animals, flowers and landscapes, always seeking to depict simplicity and mystery. She is forever curious about exploring new techniques and currently is working with wax and oil paints.

Brenda is deeply appreciative of the influence of many wonderful women mentors along her journey. Her personal life is very full with five children, five grandchildren, friends, a family business and a dual existence in both Toronto and England.

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