Claudia Pisa

Claudia has a passion for art; she is a visionary, she sees shapes and forms where people see objects and people. Yet her art is easily understood.

Inspiration is drawn from a combination of reality and internal spirituality; this synthesis gives her paintings an almost surreal quality. Claudia believes in the unseen: people are caught in their spiritual entity, and talk a deep discourse that is revealed through their representation.

Catching this discourse has been Claudia’s endeavour. The viewer is always intrigued by new discoveries about reality. Emotions are often represented by strong colours in her paintings. Oil painting is the favourite medium as oil has a depth that well catches mysteries with a profound and subtle approach.

The configuration of the paintings aims at catching the eternal immanence of a Creator’s Spirit and enjoyment in His own creation. For Claudia catching the pleasure of the Creator in His creation is the biggest thrill! Claudia’s painting are done in unison with that Spirit and this is why Claudia defines herself as an interpreter of the inner joy of the Creator as He displays his playful arrangement of life in this planet Exhibitions at the Heliconian and other community organizations.

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