Ellen Michelson

Ellen Michelson joined the Club in 2008. With a degree from Harvard University Graduate School of Education, she postponed starting her teaching career until after she had established herself as a freelance writer.

She has been a member of the Professional Writers Association of Canada for several decades and continued publishing articles while teaching high school for the Toronto District School Board. Upon her retirement in 2006, she accepted a fellowship to work with teachers for ten months in Greenland.

She has also taught in Sweden and in the US, worked with teachers in Guatemala and served as a volunteer English teacher in Ukraine and in Nicaragua.

Her international experience and her concern for issues at home inspired her to become active in the Green Party of Canada. She stood for Parliament in the 2008 and 2011 general elections and now serves as Peace and Security Advocate on Green Shadow Cabinet.

She brought her flute to Ukraine and to Greenland; in both places she learned to play some local music. In her final year of teaching with the Toronto District School Board she kept a journal and is now writing a memoir about her classroom years.