Joan Dubros

Joan Dubros discovered the Heliconian Club as a second home in 1998. It was far more interesting at that time than it was around 1940 when she played the piano, badly she says, on the Club’s stage. Between those dates she seems to have changed hats every seven to 10 years, the arts being the only constant in her life.

The Ontario College of Art and Design and Central Technical School helped to prepare her for work in advertising art and then teaching. Party planner and wedding consultant came next and then designing and decorating.

For fun, she played the definitive woman through the ages in a film, danced the Queen Mother in Sleeping Beauty, and became a gardener and advocate for the discontinued use of pesticides and two-stroke engines.

The painting in the photograph was done in the 1960s when women were choosing equality, some without forfeiting marriage, children and income, through the Fine Arts. At that time, paintings and sculpture sold more easily if women did not sign with female names. The Heliconian Club now, as well as when it was formed in 1909, continues to provide members with support and enriches knowledge of women in the arts.