Lucia Pegararo

Lucia Pegararo has spent the last fifteen years working as a musician-composing, producing and performing her unique blend of Pop, Classical, Opera and R&B. She began her musical journey at age 4 when she began taking piano lessons. She was often singled out for her strong musicianship. Lucia began teaching piano in her late teens and at the same time began working on her A.R.C.T. in Piano Performance while studying Engineering at the University of Toronto. It was during her university years that Lucia performed with many bands fusing classical music with jazz and pop. Lucia received the Ted Jones Award – an award given to a University of Toronto Engineering Graduate who shows outstanding musical leadership. It was after University that Lucia began to focus on composing and producing popular music, fusing her love of all types of music by creating her own sound. She began to live in the recording studio – composing and producing her unique style of music. Lucia has performed at various charity events including the See you in Athens and Kids for Cotlands charities. She recently gave a concert in Lamu, Kenya and raised for $1,000 for “Liliane Fonds – a charity that works with disabled children in Eastern Kanya. While in Lamu, Lucia met a boy MBarak who lost the use of his legs. Lucia gave a concert in 2011 and has raised over $800 to help him get back into the school system. Lucia has also held a concert at the Heliconian Club in 2012 where she raised $850 for a school in Western Tanzania. Lucia currently spends much of her time in Los Angeles working with world class songwriters and musicians. She will be releasing a first CD soon. All the songs performed on the CD are co-written, co- arranged and co-produced by Lucia.