Margaret Lam

Margaret has been a junior member of the music section since the summer of 2009, and had previously participated in the Mary Rezza Memorial student recitals through her piano teacher who is a fellow Heliconian. She is drawn to the interdisciplinary nature of the club, the history and heritage of the space, and the intimate nature of social events. She serves as a member-at-large on the executive (2010-), and volunteers her time as the designer and editor of the Heliconian website (2012-). She has a long-term vision of turning it into an online archive of the historic club.

She earned her B.A. Hon. at the University of Toronto with a specialization in music history, while working as a graphic designer, digital arts instructor, and arts administrator. She completed her Master in Information Studies at the University Toronto, where she produced a thesis entitled “Online Music Knowledge: The Case of the Non-Musician” (PDF). Her research has been published in the journal OCLC Systems & Services: International Digital Library Perspective and as a book chapter in Indexing and Retrieval of Non-Text Information. Her research has also been presented at the British Forum of Ethnomusicology (Oxford/Cornwall/Durham, UK), the International Council of Traditional Music (St. John’s, Newfoundland), MobilityShifts: International Future of Learning Summit (New York), International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (Toronto) and DIY Citizenship Conference (Toronto).

Margaret performs occasionally as a soloist and accompanist in collaborative performances. She music directed the production of Flora the Red Menace at University of Toronto’s Drama Centre and served as the accompanist to a musical production of In Trousers at the Toronto Fringe Festival. She is an avid supporter of emerging Canadian musicians and composers through her role as the General Manager for Sneak Peek Orchestra. She is expanding her interest and support of local performing artists as founder of BeMused Network.

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Videography credit: Alison Gray
Music composed by: Rob Teehan
Music performed by: Sneak Peek Orchestra