Margaret Stawicki

Margaret Stawicki is a Graduate of Landscape Architecture in Poland. In 1982, she moved to Canada with her husband and three young children. In Canada Margaret has worked as an interior designer for Peter C. Cotton Design and taught free-hand drawing and perspective at the International Academy of Merchandising and Design. In 1997, she co-founded Our Kids Media, a print and online publishing company that continues to be a leader in the industry today.

After 30 years of dreaming, Margaret finally devoted herself to painting. In 2009, she began to attend studio painting classes at Neilson Creative Art Centre in Toronto.

She is a now member of the Etobicoke Art Group, Humber Valley Club, Neilson Park Creative Centre and Visual Arts Mississauga where she explores new media, exchanges ideas and creates her body of work. Many of her pieces are often on display at Neilson Park Creative Centre Gallery and her work was accepted to a number of juried art shows.

Presently she is working on a series of paintings entitled “walking away”. Using mixed media (acrylic, oil and cold wax) she aims to achieve contrasting emotions that emulate the ups and downs of our daily lives: smooth vs rough, easy vs hard, light vs dark.

She is the author and designer of the book For Your Freedom and Ours, The Polish Armed Forces in World War II, and has designed five coffee-table books and numerous photo exhibitions for PhotoSenstive, a not profit group of photographers raising awareness for social issues through black and white photography.

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Long Way Home

Walking Away