Mary Perdue

Mary Perdue, Self Portrait

Mary Perdue was always curious about how things work, particularly human bodies, so it is not surprising that she studied Medical Science (MSc from the University of Toronto, PhD from the University of Calgary). At McMaster University she was Professor in the Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine for 25 years, teaching medical students and graduate students and conducting research. She has published (written and/or edited) over 150 journal articles, reviews and books.

Following her retirement in 2007, Mary returned to an activity she was passionate about—fine art photography. She upgraded her skills and equipment and started a small business based on photography. She shoots people, pets, landscapes and flowers and has also developed a skill in digital art painting.

Soon after joining the Heliconian Club in 2009, Mary learned that there was little written information related to the identity and accomplishments of the current members. It became her goal to produce a book of portraits that would include information about the members at the time of the Club’s centennial. Over a two-year period (2010-2012), she took photographs and collected biographical information. Additional individuals became involved in other aspects of the publication and the result is Centennial Portraits.

In addition to photography and club activities, Mary loves spending summers at her cottage on Georgian Bay, swimming and paddling a canoe and is often seen with her camera hanging from a strap around her neck.