Moira Mudie

"Warmth of Winter"

Over 40 years ago, Moira Mudie studied oriental art techniques with a master in Hong Kong. Since then, her focus has been on Canadian subject material but incorporating the Lingnam philosophy of capturing the “spirit” in her paintings. She works on rice paper, using bamboo brushes, ink she grinds herself, and transparent washes. To further her studies, she has traveled all parts of China, making friends and learning Mandarin at a University.

In recent years, she has taught at the University of Toronto Continuing Education program, the Toronto Botanical Garden, privately in her Rainbow Bridge Studio and given workshops at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre.

She has exhibited at numerous galleries and has written and illustrated a book, The Chi of the Dragon, which explains the philosophy and symbolism of oriental art.

She is a life member of the Ontario Chinese Artists Association, serves on the executives of the Sumi-e Artists of Canada, Sumi-e Society of America and the Toronto Heliconian Club.

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