Simone Creed

Simone Creed graduated from Sheridan School of Design, Printmaking and Photography in 1970, followed by an experimental art program at the Ontario College of Art and Design. In 1971 she began working for her family’s eponymous clothing boutique Creeds, where she explored all aspects of the business. This eventually led her to the gift industry and she went on to become an independent sales representative, spearheading business development in Toronto’s downtown core.

A single mother of three, Simone returned to her passion for art when her youngest daughter left home for university in 2003. She initially started working with classic acrylic paints and having always been fascinated with mixed media, found interesting ways to integrate her photography, whether portraits of her family or images from her travels throughout Europe.

Looking to fine tune her craft, Simone enrolled in the Toronto School of Art in 2006 where she ventured into encaustic painting, a technique of working with hot wax and pigments. For the past two years Simone has been studying abstract expression at Avenue Road Arts School. Throughout the years she has continued to build on her foundation of printmaking and photography, exploring different media and always experimenting with the spontaneous.

Simone has been a member of the Heliconian Club (Arts and Humanities Sections) for the past five years and has previously participated in three group exhibits.