The Club’s Executive slate is filled by many Humanities members; the past three presidents have come from this section as has our current president. Humanities members make the Club hum!

Trips to art exhibitions and cultural events

The Humanities Section plans trips to art exhibitions and other cultural events in Toronto and environs for Club members and their friends. These are quickly sold-out happenings.

Gourmet Dinner Meetings

A great perk of belonging to the Humanities Section is its yearly five or six GOURMET dinner meetings in members’ homes. Everyone brings their own masterchef dish or dessert, some opting to bring wine instead. There’s always a good attendance at these events!

Literary Lecture Series

The Club’s most successful sell-out program, the popular Literary Lecture Series for members and the public, was initiated by members of the Humanities Section in 1996 and has grown to its present “sold out” status. Many of the books’ authors are the main speakers at these events and other literary personalities give critiques and amplification to selected works of these mostly Canadian authors. Several Humanities members continue to run this superb event, now both a Tuesday and a Thursday set of authors and their books. Financially, the series is a “bonus” for the Club.