What it lacks in numbers, the Literature Section makes up for in lively and intellectual discourse. Regular monthly meetings bring members together to discuss ideas, plans and projects; these often become Club events attended by all members and their guests. Speakers at luncheons and dinners talk about literary research projects, new ventures in communications and the mass media, and discussions of books by Heliconian authors past and present. Current members are writers in prose and poetry, editors and librarians, journalists and storytellers. New books by members are often launched at the Club. In addition, members of the Literature Section are now, and have been in the past, editors of The Bulletin, the Club’s monthly newsletter, bound copies of which are housed in the library at Heliconian Hall.

The Section is currently engaged in two special projects. One is the anticipated appointment of a young writer in residence. The other is the publication of a series of Chapbooks containing the works of Heliconian writers, past and present, and illustrations by Heliconian artists.