Imagine a small European concert stage in an art gallery setting right here in the heart of Toronto. Heliconian Hall is such a place. Equipped with a well maintained Steinway grand piano, Heliconian Hall allows performances to reach the highest standards. We offer a unique opportunity to those considering membership, which is open to women of recognized status in the music or music-related community.

Heliconian members and their guests perform solo piano and lieder recitals, opera and Broadway programmes, chamber and choir music, all in the perfect setting of this intimate hall. In addition to the ad hoc concerts which individual members organize for themselves and their guests, the club has a series of annual music events.

Benefits of Membership

Membership in the Toronto Heliconian Club offers a wealth of experience and opportunity to a musician. First, there is the hall itself–a visual and acoustical gem dating to l875. With its vaulted ceiling, warm wooden walls and comfortable seating for up to 120 guests, Heliconian Hall provides an ideal setting in which to present an intimate concert. The hall is both lovely and functional. The works of Heliconian artist members hang on the gallery walls. A grand brick fireplace graces one wall and high on another is a delicate rose window of coloured glass. On the stage sits the club’s Steinway grand piano and behind the stage there are ample facilities for a reception following a concert. The basement contains attractive and ample cloakroom and washroom facilities.

Heliconian Hall is available for use by members of the Music Section in a variety of ways. Each Member may give one recital per year, paying only ten percent of ticket sales to the club for the use of the hall. In addition, the member may rent the hall up to four times a year for recitals, master classes student recitals, recordings, etc. However, some of the most enjoyable times spent at Heliconian Hall by Music Section members are the concerts they produce together, blending their talents and musicianship.

Membership benefits extend beyond the use of Heliconian Hall for concerts. The real treasure of the Toronto Heliconian Club lies in the many years of life experience in the Arts embedded within its members, and the Club provides frequent opportunities for the membership to come together to share these experiences. Each month members gather for lunch or dinner hosted by the various Club Sections (Arts, Humanities, Literature, Drama and Music). Whether working in the kitchen or exchanging stories over a glass of wine, everyone departs the richer for it. A lively agenda of speakers, excursions and a party or two add further entertainment and intellectual heft to the Heliconian year.

Music at The Heliconian Club

The Heliconian Club Concert Series are convened by the members of the music section. The 2012-2013 will be launched at the Young Artist Music Concert on May 5th, 2012. Stay tuned!

Christmas Dinner & Luncheon Celebration Programme
The annual Heliconian Christmas dinner is a members only gala event when members don their most festive holiday garb and enjoy a traditional dinner and seasonal entertainment in words and music. The Christmas luncheon allows each member to bring one guest. The Music Section provides seasonal entertainment.

Themed Dinner, Luncheons and Music Evenings
Past events have included evenings celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Robbie Burns Day etc. These programmes are gala fundraisers for the club and include a dinner and musical programme.