Sunday, April 2 at 3pm: Fundraising Concert, “Jean Edwards and Friends in Concert”


Jean Edwards will present a fund raising concert for the Heliconian Hall Foundation in honour of her late husband Stan Edwards who helped establish the foundation. The gala takes place on Sunday, April 2 at 3 pm in the Heliconian Hall, celebrating life, music, laughter and love! Among Jean’s friends appearing will be Maria Soulis, Meredith Hall, Penelope Cookson, Peggy Mahon. Pianists Nataliya Lepeshkina and Brahm Goldhamer will also show their talents.

The Heliconian Hall Foundation:
In 1990 the Heliconian Hall Foundation was established as a charitable organization to accept funds to restore and improve the historic hall. Heliconian Club members and friends have been generous donors to the fund over the past 27 years.

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