Theatrical Music: April 26

McIntosh's alter ego, Maude Pilly.

Theatrical Music is a one-woman performance by heliconian, musician, composer and multi-media artist extraordinaire, Diana McIntosh (

Described on Bravo TV news as a “national treasure”, Diana Mclntosh has an active career as a distinctive, original, witty, and invocative composer and performer, inhabiting a unique space between two worlds.

On the program this evening is text from Markham’s book: Flying West with the Night. Mclntosh assumes the psyche of the colorful intrepid British woman who lived in Kenya and who, in 1936, became the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. You, Me and the Tree, a recent work commissioned by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, was premiered by Mclntosh in their New Music Festival, January 2012. A “talking tree” becomes an alter-ego for Mclntosh’s inner artistic world as contrasted with her outer social world. Three connected sections comprise the piece – her inner world, her exterior world, and finally a synthesis of the two. Also on the program is Eliptosonics, an incredibly avant-garde, atonal piano piece which absolutely defies description.

This is a not to be missed performance! Concert begins at 8pm. Tickets are $20/$15 at the door. For more information, please call 416-922-3618 or email