Thursday, May 12 at 7 pm: “Ellipsis” Gallery 44 photography show

Ellipsis photography showTwo Heliconian photographers, Linda Briskin and Kye Marshall, are taking part in the Gallery 44 Members Exhibition in parallel with their participation in our “Elemental Light” show at Heliconian Hall, and in conjunction with Toronto’s month-long Contact Photography Festival. Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography invites you to join them at their opening reception on Thursday, May 12 at 7 pm. Their work is on view until May 22. This free event, involving 28 Toronto photographers, takes place at Gallery 1313, 1313 Queen Street West. For further information, visit

“Often omissions are as telling as what is revealed. The challenge of photography is that it is a suspension of space and time. Frozen moments parse a steady stream of cascading events, real or imagined. Only the salient remains. What is in frame and what gets excluded allow a viewer to interpret a scene. In writing, three dots convey what is not said, but implied. Without words, photography encapsulates emotion and communicates a narrative.”